Primary School Admissions (Reception to Year 6)

We would love you to join our school! School places for children in Reception to Year 6 are arranged by Manchester City Council’s Admissions Team:-

Admissions Team
Manchester City Council
Town Hall
PO Box 532
M60 2LA

Telephone: 0161 234 7166

When your child is due to start Reception you will be contacted by Manchester City Council. Parents of Nursery aged children must then apply to the Manchester City Council for their child's Reception place before the deadline, usually January
(e.g. if a child is due to start in Reception Sept 2024 - deadline January 2024)

Applications must be made regardless of whether or not your child is in a school already.

Please check Manchester City Council website for further advice and copies of relevant application forms:
Manchester City Council School Admissions

If your child is allocated a place in Heald Place Reception class we will arrange for some 'transition' - this means that we will arrange for you and your child to visit the school and meet the staff and other children.

Nursery Admissions

Our nursery offers a caring and stimulating environment where children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS) and learn through fun. We place an emphasis on preparing our nursery children to become confident little learners, with the skills and experiences to be ready for the step into ‘big school.’

 To register your child for a place in Heald Place Nursery you need to:

  • Request an application form from our school office. Once completed applications are received the child can be placed onto our waiting list.
  • When making an application for our Nursery class please ensure that you obtain a copy of the application as this is your receipt and confirmation that it has been received by the school.

 Please note: Child is not guaranteed to be offered a place at this school so we therefore advise that parents apply to more than one school.

Following receipt of the application form, your child's details will be placed onto our waiting list and which will be prioritised in the following order:

  1. Children who already have a sibling at the school.
  2. Looked After Children (LAC) or have exceptional medical / social needs.
  3. All other children will be categorised by distance from the school.

We will only notify Parents/Carers of children who are offered a place.

Some children may be apprehensive about starting Nursery. If your child is allocated a Nursery place we will arrange for transition visits - this means that we may arrange a home visit and will invite you and your child to visit the school and meet the staff and other children.

Rising 3s – January Intake

  • Our Rising 3 children will have their third birthday during the Autumn term and be admitted into school to begin in January.
  • The children will be in Nursery for five terms in total.
  • The parents and carers will be invited to an admission meeting, stay/play/learn events and welcome meetings during the Autumn term.
  • All places will initially be offered on a trial basis and a joint decision will be made about the child's school-readiness.
  • The children must be school-ready, this includes the child being independent in toileting and feeding themselves, having basic communication skills which allows them to convey their wants and needs, ability to separate from the main carer and interest in play with other people.

If your child is attending or will be attending our Nursery class, they do not automatically have a place in our Reception. This must be applied for separately to Manchester City Council.


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